We are a Boulder-based company made up of individuals who are deeply committed to blurring the line between art and technology to create personalized, magical experiences.

Soundwall produces flat-panel speakers made of aluminum artwork that fill your entire space with rich, natural sound.

Choose art from our collection of artists or upload your own to create a personalized experience. Our latest Soundwall - Nova - lets you touch the art to control your music and set mood lighting to create an ambiance.

It uses Distributed Mode Loudspeaker (DML) technology. There is no hidden speaker. The entire surface is a speaker. The aluminum resonates to produce rich, natural sound that fills your space.

We work with world-renowned artists across a diverse collection of genres to help you choose an aesthetic that complements your space.

We use 200-year archival inks to ensure your images don’t fade. We utilize a dye-sublimation process to apply art onto aluminum—creating a canvas that is both beautiful and acoustically resonant.