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Maroon Sands

Soundwall Aura

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Peter Panszczyk
36" x 24"
24" x 24"
24" x 24" Soundwall
Select Color: Dawn
Select Color: Dusk
Select Color: Mist
Select Color: Moonlight
Select Color: Solstice
Select Color: Twilight

Ships in 7-10 Business Days

Matte Finish

A flat finish that boosts the contrast of art without leaving a noticeable glare.

Glossy Finish

A shiny finish with a smooth and reflective surface.

Custom sizing available. Please email art@soundwall.com
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Product Description

Photo collage of sands at the Silver Sand Beach In Caribbean. 

Born June 17, 1978 in Lubin, Poland, Peter Slawomir Panszczyk initially intended to become a politician. In early June, 2004 just after his second day in NYC, Peter purchased a medium format film camera-Pentax 67 - and that’s how his journey with Photography began. Peter’s dream is to continue sharing with the world the endless beauty of it. ”Let me show You the world in my eyes” he says! He is also planning to turn his already successful Modern Wall Art store into international chain of galleries featuring modern, inspiring visual Artists from around the globe. For more information about Peter: modernwallartnyc.com  


What is Soundwall?

Soundwall allows you to stream your favorite music wirelessly from a beautiful work of art. Soundwall produces flat-panel speakers made of aluminum artwork that fills your entire space with rich, natural sound. Our latest Soundwall - Nova - lets you touch the art to control your music and set mood lighting to create an ambiance.


Revolutionary sound technology.

The entire surface of a Soundwall is a speaker.

We use Distributed Mode Loudspeaker (DML) technology to produce brilliant sound. Exciters mounted on the back of the aluminum art vibrate the surface to produce incredible, full-range sound throughout your room.

Easy to use.

Stream your music wirelessly via bluetooth or WiFi to play music on Soundwall.

World class art.

We work with original artists from around the world who create distinct aesthetics that enhance your space.

Aluminum Art.

We apply 200-year archival inks onto aluminum panels via dye-sublimation to produce rich, vibrant art that lasts for generations.

Built in Colorado.

We proudly manufacture and ship our Soundwalls from Colorado.

Mood lights.

Choose from a variety of dynamic ambient backlighting presets to enhance the mood. A deep blue for smooth jazz, a warm red for something romantic or an elegant white backlight to keep things simple. Use the Soundwall app to control your backlighting.

Magic touch.

Touch your art to play, pause or skip songs with ease.

What people are saying:

  • The bass blows me away. Very impressed by the low-end

    –Rick Sconyers


  • The Soundwall looks and sounds great! The AirPlay works seamlessly and is easy to play music from your devices.

    –Zane Green


  • The quality is good and it gets so loud! It’s so easy to play and my roommates and I love having it on low while we are in our apartment.

    –Max Robinson


  • [Soundwall] provides better clarity of sound than many standard wireless speakers can provide.



  • The bass blows me away. Very impressed by the low-end

    –Rick Sconyers


  • The quality is good and it gets so loud! It’s so easy to play and my roommates and I love having it on low while we are in our apartment.

    –Max Robinson


Customer Reviews average of 11 reviews

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  • Easy Setup

    I had a great experience setting up Soundwall - with no guidance. Within 20 minutes my Soundwall was hung & playing music. A super positive experience.

    - Erik E.

  • Audiovisual Magic

    Soundwall’s magic is in the combination of the visual and audio experience. The sound system for our office is now a customized work of art.

    - Matt T.

  • High-quality Art and Audio

    I was AMAZED by the quality. The response from friends has been nothing short of mesmerizing.

    - Nick L.

  • Looks and Sounds Great

    The Soundwall looks and sounds great! The airplay works seamlessly and is easy to play music from your devices.

    - Zane G.

  • Impressive Sound:

    It looks so impressive, the quality, the colors are just great! Impressive Sound - the sound is full, with a great range for various type of music from classical to rock. My Soundwall provides better sound than my Big Jambox. It really sounds terrific.

    - Dennis S.

  • Conversation Piece with Brilliant Sound

    I absolutely love my Soundwall! It’s truly a unique piece of art. And a great conversation piece – people can’t believe that it’s actually a speaker! I play music through it non-stop. I love it!

    - Seth L.

  • Pleasantly Surprised:

    We were so pleasantly surprised at the quality and the ability to adjust the sound, it was so easy! Friends have walked into the room and are blown away by the fact that the music is coming from our special photo.

    - Paul & Michele C.

  • Perfect entertainment solution

    I love my Soundwall! It’s the perfect entertainment solution for my bedroom. Looks great. Sounds great. I love most that it’s WiFi, which means when I’m running around the house, the sound isn’t going in and out. Killer job. Love the product!

    - Kelly N.

  • Art, Sound and a Built-In Computer

    I am amazed with my Soundwall print, and the price of it. For not that much money, you get a full-fledged computer built into real art. This is a clear case of 1+1=3.

    - Ricardo C.

  • Looks Great. Sounds Amazing

    “Have to thank Soundwall for this '1981' wireless speaker in my studio! Sounds amazing and looks incredible”

    - Justin B.

  • Sound that Fills Our Home

    I love how Soundwall brings beautiful sound to new places in our home.

    - Robert Z.

Frequently Asked Questions

Trick question - there is no hidden speaker! The entire surface of the image resonates to create sound in a whole new way. This is the magic of the Distributed Mode Loading technology.

Wireless Streaming: Soundwall connects to your WiFi network so you can stream music from the following sources:

  • AirPlay: Stream any audio from Apple computers, iPhones, iPod Touch, iPad
  • Native Streaming: We support native streaming through Spotify Connect and Pandora for improved streaming quality
  • UPnP: Stream any audio from Windows Computers, Windows Phone, Windows Tablets
  • BubbleUPnP: Stream any audio from Android Phones (Samsung Galaxy, HTC One, etc), Android Tablets

Wired Aux: You can plug any music source directly into your Soundwall through the Aux port on the side of the box using a standard 1/8 inch Aux cable like you might use to plug music into your car.

Soundwall provides exceptionally clear sound using Distributed Mode Loading (DML) technology. The entire surface of the artwork resonates generating a very clear, articulate and natural sound. Unlike traditional cone speaker technology, Soundwall fills the room with no sweet spots, offering a live-event-like experience.

Soundwall requires a 90V power cable, and must be plugged into the wall to play. Many of our customers choose to hide the power cord in the wall or install an outlet behind their Soundwall, like a standard flat-screen TV installation. This can be done professionally or with an inexpensive home installation kit.

If you do not choose to hide the cable, we recommend a white cord cover to straighten the cord and provide a cleaner look. This can be painted to match your wall color.

Soundwall has a metal hanging wire, just like a framed artwork. Use the including hanging template to position the two hanging hooks, and nail them into your wall with a hammer – it’s that simple. Your Soundwall needs power to operate, so you need to hang it close to a power outlet. After that, just plug it in and enjoy!