Soundwall Nova

Stream music from an interactive Flat-Panel
Speaker made of Aluminum artwork

What is Soundwall?

Soundwall allows you to stream your favorite music wirelessly from a beautiful work of art. Soundwall produces flat-panel speakers made of aluminum artwork that fills your entire space with rich, natural sound.

Choose art from our collection of artists or upload your own to create a personalized experience. Our latest Soundwall - Nova - lets you touch the art to control your music and set mood lighting to create an ambiance.


Revolutionary sound technology.

The entire surface of a Soundwall is a speaker.

We use Distributed Mode Loading (DML) technology to produce brilliant sound. Exciters mounted on the back of the aluminum art vibrate the surface to produce incredible, full-range sound throughout your room.

ADD A SUBWOOFER - You can connect your own subwoofer via a wired or wireless connection to add more bass to your setup.

Easy to use.

Stream your music wirelessly via bluetooth or WiFi to play music on Soundwall.

Soundwall App - Quick Plays

Create dynamic experiences that combine mood lighting with your favorite music presets. You can quickly activate these by touching your Soundwall Touch Bar or selecting a quick play in the Soundwall app.

Personalize your space.

With over 150 works of art to choose from, you can find an original piece that beautifully complements your space or upload your own.

World class art.

We work with original artists from around the world who create distinct aesthetics that enhance your space.

Aluminum Art.

We apply 200-year archival inks onto aluminum panels via dye-sublimation to produce rich, vibrant art that lasts for generations.

Built in Colorado.

We proudly manufacture and ship our Soundwalls from Colorado.

Mood lights.

Choose from a variety of dynamic ambient backlighting presets to enhance the mood. A deep blue for smooth jazz, a warm red for something romantic or an elegant white backlight to keep things simple. Use the Soundwall app to control your backlighting.

Presence Sensor

When someone walks by, Nova detects your presence and emits a warm glow to say “hello.”

Magic touch.

Touch your art to play, pause or skip songs with ease.

Volume Slider

On the right side of your Soundwall, you can swipe up or down to control your volume level.

Create your Soundwall.