How does Soundwall work?

Soundwall produces flat-panel speakers made of art that connects with any bluetooth or WiFi-enabled device to stream your favorite music and create a mood with ambient backlighting. We use revolutionary sound technology that vibrates the surface of the aluminum to produce full-range sound from a work of art.

What is the audio quality like from Soundwall?

oundwalls use Distributed Mode Loudspeaker (DML) technology. The entire surface of the art resonates—generating a clear, natural sound. Unlike traditional cone speaker technology, Soundwalls fill an entire room with omni-directional sound that sound great anywhere in the space.

Does Soundwall connect to Sonos?

We do support Sonos and other audio devices. Using a 3.5mm cable, plug one end into the "Audio Out" of your Sonos and the other end into the “Audio In” on the back of your Soundwall.

How do I stream music to a Soundwall?

You can stream music to your Soundwall via Bluetooth or WiFi.

Can I have a hardwire connection?

Yes you can with a wired aux. You can plug any music source directly into your Soundwall through the Aux port on the side of the box using a standard 1/8 inch Aux cable like you might use to plug music into your car.


Does Soundwall support Bluetooth?

Yes. Any device that supports Bluetooth audio streaming can stream audio to a Soundwall.

How is Soundwall powered?

Soundwall has a 6ft. Power cord that plugs into your wall. It works with all standard outlets. If you prefer to hide your cord, the power outlet can be moved to be behind the Soundwall.

Can I connect my own subwoofer?

Yes, you can choose any subwoofer you’d like. We recommend Audioengine subwoofers, for their excellent bass response and sleek design. Just plug the subwoofer into the RCA Analog Output on the back side and you’ll have added enhanced bass to your Soundwall. We also support the wireless audio transmitter from Dayton Audio. Connect the Dayton Transmitter device into the back of your Soundwall and the Dayton Receiver into the subwoofer.

What are the specs for Soundwall?

Soundwall Size 24” x 24” 24” x 36”
Stereo/Mono Mono Mono
Exciters 2 2
Impedance 4 4
Frequency Low 65hz 40hz
Frequency High 20khz 20khz
Frequency Variation (+/- 5db) (+/- 5db)


Can I submit my own image?

We offer custom printing in a variety of sizes. Below is a guide for the image resolutions we’ll need for varying sizes.

Soundwall Custom Image Resolution Guidelines:

Soundwall Size Minimum Image Resolution
24” x 24” 4800 x 4800 px
24” x 36” 4800 x 7200 px
36” x 36”** 7200 x 7200 px
36” x 48”** 7200 x 9600 px
40” x 60”** 8000 x 12000 px

* The original image should be 200 - 300dpi at final printing size for best print quality
**Custom sizes

What is the art made of?

Solstice art is made of canvas-quality magnetic material. Nova art is made of aluminum.

What sizes do you offer?

Our standard sizes are: 24”x 24”, 24”x 36”
However, if you have a custom size or project, please email art@soundwall.com.

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