How does Soundwall work?

Soundwall is a WiFi connected device that hangs on your wall. Using your phone or tablet, you can wirelessly stream music from any service, including Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music. Some Soundwalls also come with special audio content from the artist, which can be played using the Soundwall App.

Does Soundwall connect to Sonos?

We do support Sonos and other audio devices. Using an audio cable, plug one end into the audio out and the other end into the “Audio In” on the back of your Soundwall.

How is Soundwall powered?

Soundwall has a plug, and does need to be plugged into the wall. It works with all standard outlets. If you prefer to hide your cord, the power outlet can be moved to be behind the Soundwall.

Where is the hidden speaker?

Trick question - there is no hidden speaker! The entire surface of the image is the speaker. This is the magic of the Distributed Mode Loading technology.

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