Essential Smart Tech for Assisted Living


Essential Smart Tech for Assisted Living


MusicFirst by Coro Health

Soundwall has partnered with Coro Health to provide therapeutic music as an intervention for emotional, psychological and behavioral outcomes. Our clinically-tested music increases wellness for residents. UC Davis research studies show positive benefits to include:

  • Reduction in agitation
  • Increasing Ability to Wake-Up / Sleep Better
  • Combats symptoms of dementia such as Sundowning


Send residents automatic, customizable voice alerts throughout the day to help them stay on schedule. Motion sensors can detect if residents have left the room and provide additional alerts to help them to their next activity. This saves time and money by limiting the time caregivers must spend to alert residents in-person for events and meal time.

Switchable Art

The front face of a Soundwall is switchable. We produce magnetic art prints that easily roll on and off the Soundwall. We can produce customizable art featuring residents’ family, favorite memories and soothing imagery.

Calming Lights

Soundwall’s built-in ambient backlighting creates a calming presence for residents. We’ve created a series of presets that can be triggered via voice commands or supplemented with music.

Night Lights

Motion sensors detect movement (e.g. going to the restroom) and trigger lights that help residents see their path at night.

Coming Soon


Residents can speak simple commands to alert staff in case of an emergency (e.g. “Help”). Soundwall’s onboard microphones can detect specified verbal command “hot words” and immediately alert caregivers to provide real-time aid.

Behavioral Tracking

Soundwall motion sensors can track a multitude of in-room behavioral patterns and send that data in real-time to caregivers via a dashboard or to an existing system via an API.


Soundwall functions as a “smart intercom” to provide frictionless two-way verbal communication between residents and caregivers. Residents can speak simple commands to engage caregivers and vice-versa. Or, messages can be sent facility-wide across the Soundwall network.

Soundwall VoiceMail

Loved ones and caregivers can record personalized voice messages via our app and send them in real-time to residents. Soundwall will backlight a specific color when a message is waiting. Messages can be accessed via a simple touch feature.


Residents can receive personalized alerts for news, weather, sports and other items via our Alexa integration.

Hearing-Assistive Technologies

Soundwall can integrate with hearing-assistive technologies.

Passive RFID

Soundwall can integrate with passive radio frequency ID technologies to track inventory movement, including equipment and medicine.

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